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Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - MS LL 332

MicroSet MS LL 332 Ultrasonic level sensors measure the distance or presence of target objects by sending a pulsed ultrasound wave at the object and then measuring the time for the sound echo to return. Knowing the speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of the object. Ultrasonic level sensor which provides accurate range detection, automatic calibration and adaptive noise cancellation in software provide reliable and record measurement. All sensors use 4 stage op-amp based low noise amplifier, second order narrow band pass filter, peak-detector and low-pass filter circuit for detecting even the weakest of the reflected sonar signals. Various output options like pulse width, serial analogue 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 Volt etc. are available. Accessories like mounting bracket rubber washer/nut fastner etc. provide quick design and installation support

  • Collision Detection
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Level Measurement
  • Proximity Detection
  • Non-contact Distance Measurement
  • Ultrasonic non-contact measurement
  • Noise cancellation and adaptive threshold detection
  • Designed for dusty and humid indoor/outdoor, industrial/mining conditions
  • Available optional display/controller module
  • Built-in micro-controller provides direct distance reading with better calibration
  • Single cable interface makes it easy to connect in field
  • Continuous / triggered operation
  • Easy mounting
  • Rugged PVC Housing, epoxy sealed electronics
  • Liquid/solid object detection
  • Self calibrated
Sensing Range
200 mm to 6000mm
Operating Frequency
40 KHz +/- 1KHz
Beam Angle
Operating Temperature
0°C to 65°C
Operating Pressure
4-20 mA DC
¾” BSP Threaded Check-Nut